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Take a deep dive into a world where romance, adventure, power and greed intermingle, putting the strongest of friendships to the test, challenging the age-old struggle between good and evil, and revealing the true power of unconditional love. “Two Lives to a Destiny” is a multi-sensory audio visual experience like no other. Written by author/composer Patrick Kimmell, this first-of-its-kind novel comes with a musical component that will be available for download. The music, composed by MEL & HARMON, was designed to evoke emotion at key moments in the novel, elevating the reader’s experience.

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E-book & Paperback  available around the world on Amazon Kindle edition.

Two Lives to a Destiny, an unpredictable and serendipitous tale about love, adventure, betrayal and friendship, is available for pre-purchase until September 28, 2020. Widely available through Amazon Kindle as of September 29, 2020, the e-book can be purchased in North America, Europe and Asia. Musical pieces composed to accompany 11 of the book’s chapters are available for download in our SHOP link.

E-book & Paperback

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Hardcover Collectors edition

Available October 19, 2020

Included with Collectors edition;

- A signed hard cover copy of "Two Lives to a Destiny".

- A "Two Lives to a Destiny" book marker.

- One music selection from our Novel Soundtrack.

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- A signed post card of MEL & HARMON.


Original Soundtrack 

Original Soundtrack 

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Composed by MEL & HARMON, (Patrick Kimmell and Andrei Panasevich respectively), the soundtrack to the novel ‘Two Lives to a Destiny’ was created to offer musical context to the book’s narrative, enhancing the reader’s emotional experience. A total of 11 original compositions will be created. 

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About the Author

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Patrick Kimmell


Author and composer, Patrick Kimmell was born and raised in Bedford, Quebec. He was a late bloomer when it came to developing his passion and talent for classical music, but, nonetheless, at the age of 30, he purchased his first piano.

He also enrolled in music lessons at "Le Studio d'Orgues et Pianos de Joliette". Five months later, he performed at the 19th Annual Recital at "Le Musee d'Art de Joliette" where he performed his first original composition, "The Dream".

In 2003, Patrick composed 10 additional pieces of music, inspired by a romantic adventure novel he penned - “Two Lives to a Destiny.”


Patrick Kimmell is one of the many authors that has focused on bringing a soothing atmosphere through writing. The book he has written is a nod to getting everything wrapped in a detailed manner but keeping it imaginative for any kind of reader. Romance is one of those categories in novels that can be considered tough to write because of the intense emotion that it needs to set in a reader’s mind. And, that is what you can expect in Patrick Kimmell’s new novel.


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